Unlock insights and convert more with real-time document tracking

Securely share documents and gain deep insights into who views your content and how they interact with it. Plan, strategize, and optimize based on real data.

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Intelligent Content Sharing

Understand who your viewers are, and how they engage with your content

Share your files using branded links equipped with advanced analytics and custom calls to action. Captivate your audience, monitor real-time engagement, and gather valuable insights.

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Ensure consistency with custom branded portals

Maintain a solid and professional foundation, and increase brand recognition and recall by adding your logo and branding.


Uncover stakeholders by tracking forwards

Track who your viewers share your content with, and identify new names, emails, and decision-makers.


Convert directly with on-page call to actions

Add custom call to actions such as sign-up forms directly in the viewing portal of your shared content to increase conversions.

"We've been able to qualify leads 10x faster and more accurately. Our team now knows exactly who to prioritize, saving us time and increasing our efficiency."

Abdullah Ahsan

Regional Manager, Storagehotel

Sales Pipeline & CRM

Capture contacts and progress leads

Effortlessly craft customized pipelines tailored to your unique processes. Capture leads using custom forms, track activities, and gain comprehensive insights into both buyer behaviour and your team's efforts.

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Easily create custom forms without a web developer

Effortlessly build, implement, and share custom forms without needing to code, and start collecting submissions instantly.


Centralize and streamline email communication

Connect your existing emails to automatically log emails between contacts and leverage personalized templates.


Segment your audience with smart groups and tags

Add another layer of personalization to your sales and marketing, and gain deeper insight into your audience.

"The best platform for converting leads to customers. Our team has reduced their workload, while fostering even stronger relationships with our customers."

Abdullah Ahsan

Regional Manager, Storagehotel

Intelligent and streamlined platform

Maximize team performance with our powerful, easy-to-use platform.


Understand and improve performance with detailed reports. Eliminate manual reporting with automated reports sent to your mailbox.

Secure Content Sharing

Stay in control of your shared files. Restrict access, set a password, allow downloads, and update files even after they're shared.

Customer Data

Securely store your customer data, and efficiently view, segment, and filter based on your business needs.

Real-Time Analytics

Gain instant insights and make data-driven decisions by monitoring metrics as they happen.

Custom Email Formatting

Effortlessly insert headings, lists, and attachments to your emails. Utilize variables with personalized templates to save time.

Workspace & Projects

Transform collaboration with company-level contacts, dedicated project spaces, and user permissions.

Power up the way you share files

Get started with the most intelligent way to share files in seconds – for free.