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Intelligent Content Sharing

Understand how buyers engage with your content

Share your files using branded links equipped with advanced analytics and custom calls to action. Captivate your audience, monitor real-time engagement, and gather valuable insights.

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Gain actionable insights with detailed document tracking and analytics

Receive instant notifications whenever someone views your shared links, and track interactions in real-time. Identify your most engaged viewers and prioritize your efforts accordingly. Utilize data on which pages garnered the most interest to determine what your audience truly values, or to better prepare for next steps.

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Uncover stakeholders through share-tracking

Track links forwarded to individuals you haven't engaged with yet. Discover new names and emails, and monitor their interactions to understand their unique interests and position within the ecosystem.

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Stay in full control of your shared files

Set external names and maintain internal consistency

Avoid disrupting internal naming schemes and set names for external viewers.

Update content even after they're shared

Easily correct typos or update versions, and changes are automatically reflected across all shared links.

Restrict access to private content

Verify viewers by email with a one-click link, or set a secure password to protect your files.

Allow viewers to download content

Turn on or off the ability to download shared content.

Convert viewers directly on your content

Add a non-intrusive CTA button to collect leads through a custom form.

Stay informed with real-time notifications

Optionally enable instant notifications for continuous updates.

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Power up the way you share files

Get started with the most intelligent way to share files in seconds – for free.